New Jets CEO Christopher Johnson talks to the media

With Woody Johnson over in the UK for the foreseeable future, his brother Christopher is the new CEO and today spoke to the media for the first time. Here were some of the key points:

  • He denied that the Jets are tanking. He wants to win every game.
  • He said he isn't judging Todd Bowles and Mike Maccagnan on wins and losses; instead he is focused on whether the team is improving.
  • He said he has been impressed by Maccagnan's drafts and his outlook.
  • He thinks Christian Hackenberg has a lot of upside, which he hopes to see.
  • He is looking forward to the run defense making adjustments and showing improvements going forwards.
  • He said replacing players is up to the coach and general manager and implied won't be involved in decisions like that.
  • He does not consult with Woody at all on football matters.
  • Woody told him "It's your team. Don't mess it up."
  • He attributes the current struggles to "growing pains" and expects to see improvements soon.