columnist refuses to accept that most Jets fans don't want Josh Allen

Speaking on SiriusFM yesterday, columnist and self-proclaimed league insider Adam Schein outed himself as completely out of touch with the Jets fanbase during a rant about Josh Allen.

Before even letting the caller make his point, Schein launches into a diatribe where he refuses to accept that Jets fans don't want Allen, calls those that do morons and states that Allen won't be available at No. 3 anyway and that, if he is, Mike Maccagnan will "run around his office, have a parade, put his feet up on his desk and laugh and laugh and laugh"

Schein refers to Allen as "the next Carson Wentz" and disputes the fact that any Jets fan has ever made the comparison between Allen and Christian Hackenberg calling that that "some of the dumbest most asinine garbage I've ever heard".

Here's the rant in all its glory:

Whether or not Schein is correct about how good Allen will be or how interested the Jets are in selecting him is almost beside the point. It's just remarkable to see that he could be so out of touch with the team's fanbase.

Well, unless this poll ends up being 100 percent yes...