Nuggets from today's Christopher Johnson and Mike Maccagnan pressers

Jets' CEO Christopher Johnson and general manager Mike Maccagnan spoke to the media today in light of the Todd Bowles firing. Here were some of the highlights:


  • Cited a lack of progress as the reason for the coaching change;
  • Confirmed that the management structure will remain the same, so the coach will report to him, not the general manager;
  • Maccagnan was retained because Johnson likes his plan and wants to work together to build around Sam Darnold;
  • Maccagnan and Brian Heimerdinger will be involved in the decision as to who replaces Bowles, but owner Woody Johnson will not;
  • Any coach who wants control of personnel is not an option;
  • No outside firms will be employed to help choose the coach;
  • Head coaching experience and a history of developing a young quarterback will be viewed as a plus but not essential;
  • The Jets will consider college coaches;
  • The search will be extensive but, he reiterated, the Jim Harbaugh reports were false; and
  • Maccagnan is a good talent evaluator and the team should have had a better record than they did.


  • Admitted that some of his moves haven't worked out but has confidence in a lot of the pieces he's added;
  • Said he doesn't have to have a prior relationship with the next coach;
  • An offensive-minded head coach isn't essential but they need a staff that can develop Darnold;
  • Had a long talk with Jamal Adams, who he intends to use to help with recruiting free agents;
  • Was disappointed with Trumaine Johnson getting benched at the end of the season; and
  • Is open to retaining any of the assistants from 2018 on the 2019 staff, but doesn't consider any of them as candidates for the head coaching role.