Official thread: An action-packed Sunday night in store

Plenty of worthwhile stuff happening this evening, so here's your official discussion thread. Here's what's on tap:

  • The new trailer for Toy Story 4 drops later tonight, with rumors rife of possible teasers for Avengers: Endgame and Star Wars Episode IX too;
  • After Imagine Dragons' so-called "Worst halftime concert of all time" last month, Adam Levine tells Dan Reynolds to hold his beer;
  • WWE's Halftime Heat, which streams live on YouTube, pits six of the company's hottest NXT prospects against each other in three-on-three tag team action;
  • The most eagerly anticipated game in the football calender - the Puppy Bowl - is later tonight on Animal Planet. Or the Kitten Bowl is on the Hallmark Channel if you're that way inclined;
  • If, by any chance, you've randomly TiVo'd Celtics-Thunder perhaps you could watch that this evening;
  • There might be some cool commericals (but more likely there'll be some terrible ones that everyone will be complaining about);
  • Seems like a good night for a news dump;
  • Ummm, VĂ©lez Sarsfield face off against River Plate in Superliga Argentina action; and
  • This ironing isn't going to do itself.

Note: This list is completely exhaustive and there is nothing else worthwhile happening tonight.