Offseason Solutions: Quarterbacks

Over the last month, we've been taking a brief and early look at some of the potential solutions that could provide offseason upgrades for the Jets in each position. Today, we conclude with a look at quarterbacks:



Free agency

Obviously the entire offseason has mostly been focused on Kirk Cousins, who the Jets are expected to make a strong push for but expect to have stiff competition. Cousins, who has been 10th, 3rd and 7th in the NFL in passing over the past three seasons could command a salary upwards of $30 million per year and somewhere approaching $100 million in guarantees. But what if they lose out on Cousins?

In that event, it's believed the Jets' main fall-back plan will be to re-sign Josh McCown. McCown completed a career-best 67% of his passes last year and actually ended up with a quarterback rating that was higher than that of Cousins. If the Jets bring him back, it's expected to be as a bridge to a future starter, who will probably be drafted with the sixth pick.

There are other options that could potentially start - again, perhaps as a bridge to a rookie that will take over in a year or two. All eyes are on Minnesota where Case Keenum, Teddy Bridgewater and Sam Bradford are all out of contract with Keenum already having agreed to terms with the Denver Broncos. AJ McCarron is another possibility.

Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles is a trade possibility with Carson Wentz still regarded as the franchise quarterback with the Eagles. He'd cost a high pick though and has been a player who has struggled through much of his career.

If the Jets are in the market for a veteran back-up, someone like Chad Henne or Drew Stanton might be a consideration.


The quarterback position could either be the main priority or a total afterthought come draft time, depending largely on what happens with Cousins, but also on how the team feels about Christian Hackenberg and, to a lesser extent, Bryce Petty.

We've given plenty of coverage to the top prospects in this year's class: Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield from Oklahoma and underclassmen Josh Rosen from UCLA and Sam Darnold from USC. Josh Allen from Wyoming has a chance to go higher than all of them because of his tools and in spite of inconsistent film. Lamar Jackson from Louisville and Oklahoma State's Mason Rudolph also are seen by many as potential first rounders.

If the Jets pick up a starter in free agency, then they could still target someone in the next tier down. Richmond's Kyle Lauletta and Mike White from Western Kentucky are two players who seem to have raised their stock since the end of the season.

How would you approach this position? Is there anyone out there you'd target who we didn't mention? Let's have your thoughts in the comments.

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