Poll: How do you rate the quarterbacks in the upcoming draft?

With the Jets now holding the third pick in the 2018 NFL draft, they look set to have a choice in terms of which quarterback they'll select.

Opinions are wildly divided upon who is worth targeting though. Let's try and see if we can establish a consensus.

Please respond to the poll below, voting three times to indicate who out of Baker Mayfield, Josh Allen, Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen is the prospect you like the most, second-most and third-most. We'll then go through the results and try and figure out who are the most and least popular.

Remember, you should vote three times.

In order not to complicate matters even further, we've ignored the possibility of a late-rising quarterback such as Lamar Jackson, Mason Rudolph, Mike White or Kyle Lauletta unexpectedly vaulting themselves into top-five consideration. Feel free to register your disgust or otherwise elaborate on your votes in the comments section.