Poll Results: Confidence in Gase plummets as he undertakes new duties

Each month, we've been looking at how confident Jets fans are in the head coach and general manager, but we decided to do an extra poll to see where that stands following the event of the week. Thanks for voting in our polls. These were the results last month:

Maccagnan: JCI = 53%
Gase: JCI = 64%

Maccagnan's firing clearly blindsided much of the fanbase, as his confidence index had just risen to over 50 percent following the draft. For context, confidence in Todd Bowles was below 10 percent when he was fired and had dipped as low as four percent.

Here were the results from this latest poll:

Gase: JCI = 32%

Clearly fans have less confidence in Gase if he's going to be taking a more active role in personnel decisions and exercising more control. However, once the next general manager is hired, we'll do another poll and Gase's popularity will likely improve when he's once again assessed solely on being the head coach.

The JCI is based on a 0-100 scale calculated from the poll responses. Here are the results so far plotted onto a graph:

The next poll will be at the start of next month.

Let's hear your thoughts in the comments.