Poll Results: Favorites for the coaching job begin to emerge among the Jets fanbase

On Monday, we shared a couple of polls designed to figure out which of the head coaching candidates would be the most popular hires among Jets fans.

Brian Daboll topped our approval rating poll with an impressive 88% approval from JetsFix readers. Not far behind were Eric Bieniemy at 72% and Robert Saleh at 64%. There was quite a substantial gap to the next two at around 35% - Arthur Smith and Joe Brady.

However, in our other poll, to determine the candidate who is the favorite of the most readers, Saleh surprisingly topped the list with 31% of the vote. Bieniemy was again second at 26% and Daboll was one vote back in third. Rumors that the Jets saw these results before rushing Saleh in for a second interview as they have reportedly done today are unfounded.

At the other end of the scale, Brian Schottenheimer - who probably isn't a candidate anyway - had the lowest approval rating. Of the nine candidates that the Jets have actually interviewed, Marvin Lewis was in last place with a 15% approval rating. In the other poll, nobody after the top three had more than 5% of the vote.

For the record, we ran a couple of polls during the last head coaching search and, while the current narrative is that Adam Gase was the least popular candidate and Matt Rhule was the top candidate, that wasn't actually true.

In our poll for the top candidate, it was Todd Monken in first place, ahead of Mike McCarthy in second. Believe it or not, Gase was in third place (albeit with less than 10 percent of the vote) and Rhule only got one vote.

We also ran a poll about who you definitely did not want to get the job and the runaway winner was Jim Caldwell. Gase was second though, so clearly he was an unpopular choice.

However, it's worth noting that this came later in the process at a time when some candidates had already been ruled out. In fact, Rhule named himself out of contention and then Gase was hired later that day. Since it may have been that Gase being the choice was starting to look possible, we may all have had a chance to try and rationalize the move.

As for whether the Jets will hire the guy you all want - or whether this choices will prove to be good ones - that remains to be seen and we'll obviously cover it in depth here.

125 people voted in the polls. Thanks to everyone who took part.