Poll Results: It's a toss-up as to who JetsFix readers think should be the #2 pick

Earlier this week, we ran a poll asking you who you thought the Jets should draft with the second overall pick in April. The media is acting like this has already been decided and that BYU quarterback Zach Wilson will be the selection, but our poll indicates the fanbase is still split.

Wilson was the top choice in our poll but earned less than half of the vote to edge Justin Fields by 48% to 44%.

The media may have it correct that Joe Douglas and the rest of the Jets' decision makers have landed on Wilson as the guy they plan to take there - or maybe they've yet to decide but will ultimately decide to take Wilson.

If they do go in that direction, it doesn't look like being an unpopular decision, but the fanbase is more divided than you'd think with Fields still earning plenty of support despite not getting as much top three buzz as he perhaps deserves.

We'll have more thoughts on the quarterback decision over the next few days.