Poll: Should the Jets pursue Le'Veon Bell in the offseason?

There's plenty of buzz about the Jets potentially trying to sign running back Le'Veon Bell in the offseason after the former Steeler confirmed his decision not the return this year. In fact, the Jets are currently the favorites to sign him.

Is this a good idea? Let's assess...


  • Bell's patient running style means he can be productive even on poorly-blocked plays
  • The Jets can easily afford him
  • Bringing him aboard adds some star power and credibility to the Jets roster
  • Getting Bell could attract other stars to the Jets
  • Bell has elite pass catching skills and can pass protect well, so provides an upgrade in the passing game too.


  • The cost is expected to be upwards of $15 million per year but James Conner's performance proves you might be able to get near-equivalent production from a much cheaper player
  • Bell might be rusty having missed all of last season
  • Bell will already be 27 when he signs the deal, so might only have a few years left at an elite level
  • Bell could potentially hold out for even more money in a few years
  • Signing Bell could signify that the Jets plan to "ground and pound", an approach many believe can't work in the modern game
  • Getting Bell could block a player like Eli McGuire or Trenton Cannon from reaching their potential.

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