Poll: The Magnificent Seven

With just a week to go until the draft, most people are still convinced the Jets will take a tackle or a wide receiver if they stick with the 11th pick. With four main tackle options and three main wide receiver options that might be reasonable value at that point, that gives us seven main possibilities.

Of course, the Jets could trade down (or even trade up!) or may surprise us all and take someone at a different position or even a more unexpected player that plays tackle or receiver. However, let's zero in on those seven possibilities.

Please respond to the poll honestly and elaborate on your answer in the comments.

The poll is asking for your prediction as to who we end up with. However, in terms of which of these seven you want most of all - bearing in mind that most of them will probably be gone by 11 - let us know in the comments how you would prioritize this. Also, who out of these seven do you want them to end up with least of all?