Countdown to Camp: 80

As we look ahead to training camp in late July, we're going to take a daily retrospective look back at some random people, moments and games from Jets history...

The Current 80

Number 80 hasn't been worn since Wayne Chrebet retired, which probably means the team will wish to retire it at some point because Chrebet's rise from camp-tryout to leading receiver embodies a lot of the qualities the Jets desire from their players. A clutch possession receiver with terrific hands, Chrebet was a fan favorite even though he never made it to a pro bowl.

The Greatest

Although the number 80 jersey will be retired in honor of Chrebet, he's arguably not the greatest player to wear it. Defensive tackle John Elliott - undersized, but the fastest tackle in the league and with tremendous technique - played all seven years with the Jets and was a three-time pro bowler in addition to being an all-pro in the Jets' Super Bowl winning season.


The other 80's

Lam Jones, James Thornton, Mark Boyer...

The '80 season

The Jets were a bad team in 1980, losing their first five games and finishing up with just four wins.

Running back Bruce Harper led the team in receiving but Richard Todd had a rough year as the starting quarterback, throwing 30 interceptions. On defense, Ken Schroy and Darrol Ray combined for 14 interceptions and three fumble recoveries, racking up 298 return yards and three touchdowns.

Tackle Marvin Powell was the team's only representative at the pro bowl.

A big 80-yarder

A memorable 80-yard touchdown here from Mark Sanchez to Braylon Edwards in the 2009 AFC title game:


Let us know if there's any connections to 80 that we missed...