Postgame: Denver 26 Jets 0

After last week, the focus was on Zach Wilson not taking unnecessary risks and turning the ball over. However, this week we saw the flipside of that, as the Jets' offense rarely looked like scoring and shot themselves in the foot with an execution error or some kind of penalty every time they established any rhythm.

It's a familiar pattern we've seen before. Wilson looked scared to make a mistake and as a result was a beat late on virtually everything. The game is moving too fast for him at the moment and he's not good enough yet to speed things up without guessing.

To some extent, that aspect of the plan kind of worked. Wilson didn't turn the ball over until late in the fourth quarter as the team started trying to air it out a little more and he threw two late picks. However, the defense made some costly errors and the running game never got going, which is a recipe for a 20-point deficit even if you don't turn the ball over.

Until Wilson makes dramatic improvements, the Jets aren't going to beat any good teams - and Denver definitely looks like a good team. Unfortunately, so do next week's opponents, Tennessee.

All told, it's a difficult game to take any positives from but we'll be breaking it down in detail over the next few days, so check in early and often tomorrow as the analysis gets underway first thing...