Postgame: Jets 22 Titans 26

The Jets dropped to 3-9 on Sunday as what could have been a hard-fought, battling win became a frustrating missed opportunity when the Titans drove down and scored a touchdown with less than a minute to go for their only lead of the game.

The Jets rediscovered their running game (156 yards, including 98 for Isaiah Crowell) and pass rush (three sacks and a ton of pressure, especially down the stretch) but the passing game was impotent - especially after half time - and they gave up too many plays in coverage. Settling for five field goals didn't help either, with the Jets' only touchdown coming on a Trumaine Johnson pick-six.

The Jets face the Bills next, hoping to avenge their 41-10 loss earlier in the season and with Sam Darnold expected back at the helm.

We'll have much more in-depth analysis of this game throughout the day tomorrow, so keep checking back here early and often. For now, feel free to vent away in the comments section.