Postgame: Jets lose to finish 4-12 - what that means for their 2019 schedule and draft slot

The Jets finished the season - and almost certainly the Todd Bowles era - with a woeful performance in their season ending 38-3 loss to the Patriots. More on the game later.

Where the Jets will pick in April's draft now depends on the following results:

The Jets will definitely pick in the top three.

If the Cardinals and 49ers both win, the Jets pick 1st.

If one wins but the other does not, the Jets pick 2nd.

If they both lose, the Jets pick 3rd.

The loss also secured the Jets in last place in the AFC East so we now know their opponents for next season:

Home games versus BUF, MIA, NE, CLE, PIT, DAL, NYG, OAK
Road games versus BUF, MIA, NE, WAS, PHI, CIN, BAL, JAX*

*This game could potentially be in London.

We're going to be breaking down today's game in more detail TONIGHT, in anticipation of breaking news in connection with coaching changes etc. dominating the news tomorrow. However, we'll have more game analysis over the next few days, so check back here early and often to following the news as it develops.