QuickFix: Special teams analysis (Week 14 - Denver)

Special teams didn't really make a difference in yesterday's game, but let's review everything that went down:

Kicking game - It's not as E.T. as it looks

An early injury to long-snapper Thomas Hennessy gave the Jets an early sense that this was going to be one of those days. This thrust emergency snapper Eric Tomlinson into an unfamiliar role.

To Tomlinson's credit, there were no major disasters, but it gives you an appreciation for a guy like Hennessy because a number of Tomlinson's snaps were high, wide, low or some combination thereof.

Under such conditions, it's difficult to criticize Lachlan Edwards too much for his punting, as he did well enough just to handle each snap cleanly and get a kick away.

Chandler Catanzaro put the opening kick-off into the end zone for a touchback and that was him done for the day. Denver made three of their four field goal attempts with no pressure generated on the kicker.

Kick coverage - Precious Jules

Punt coverage was difficult this week, with Edwards often having to rush to get his kick away. The Broncos had 62 return yards on five attempts, the longest of which was this one:


On this play, Edwards outkicks his coverage so the return man is able to get some speed up before the gunners can get to him. Terrence Brooks and Tomlinson overrun the play and Darron Lee misses a tackle.

Julian Stanford led the team with two special teams tackles and Juston Burris and Rontez Miles also contributed. Brooks had another missed tackle, albeit on a play where he got down there well to slow up the return man.

Return game - Jojo must be tripping

The Jets didn't get much chance to return kicks either, with five kick-offs and two punts going for touchbacks.

Jojo Natson tried to run back one kick-off but was tripped at the 20-yard line. That's not an exaggeration, either. Bennie Fowler, who was being blocked by Brent Qvale at the time, literally stuck his leg out and tripped Natson over just as he was about to break into the open field. That was an outrageous no-call, but by then nobody seemed to care.

Natson also tried to return a punt but was tackled immediately after the vice - Darryl Roberts - got beaten and made no effort whatsoever to get back into the play. This is disappointing, especially for a guy like Natson who is trying to make his mark and could be out of the league if he doesn't make the most of his limited opportunities.

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