QuickFix: Special teams analysis (Week 16 - Los Angeles Chargers)

On special teams yesterday, the Jets got away with a potential big play but had some good moments early on.

Let's review everything that went down:

Kicking game - Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell Lach

The Jets couldn't have got off to a better start in yesterday's game, catching the Chargers sleeping on this onside kick, recovered by Marcus Maye:


It was a quiet game for Chandler Catanzaro otherwise, as he just had an extra point and one more kick-off for a touchback.

Punter Lachlan Edwards was extremely busy though, as he punted nine times. He did a pretty good job too, putting five inside the 20 and two inside the five. He shanked one out of bounds though.

When Los Angeles was kicking, Obum Gwacham and Elijah McGuire both broke through to almost block a punt and Buster Skrine put pressure on a field goal attempt that missed.

Kick coverage - O come let ArDarius adore him

In kick coverage this week, Terrance Brooks was the only player to be credited with a tackle. However, Ardarius Stewart had an active game. He forced a couple of fair catches with good gunner work and drew a late hit penalty when he got lit up at the end of a play. However, he missed the return man on a 91-yard touchdown return which was fortunately negated by a hold on long snapper Thomas Hennessy.

Rontez Miles was pancaked on that play while Julian Stanford, Eric Tomlinson and Josh Martin all overpursued.

Return game - Good tidings we bring to you and Sterling

In this game Jojo Natson probably showed more flashes than he has in any other, but then he also had this complete screw-up, which hurt the team's chances of a miracle comeback:


In Natson's defense, he had no blockers ahead of him because the Jets sent nine in an effort to rush to punt, but he should have cut his losses because he cost the Jets yardage and time.

Earlier on, he had shown flashes on three punt returns of eight yards or more, including one where he slipped a few tackles. However, he also had a play where he misjudged the flight of the ball and it bounced past him at the Jets' 42. He was only able to get that one back to the 29.

Rookie Derrick Jones lit up his man on Natson's best return, but was later called for holding. Neal Sterling also got hit with a holding penalty but Darryl Roberts set up a return with a good job on the gunner.

The Jets offered a different look on returns as Brooks was employed like an upback, but this almost led to disaster as he was oblivious to a bouncing ball right near him, nearly causing a muff.

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