QuickFix: Who wore it best?

Yesterday, this happened:


If you're experiencing feelings of déjà vu, it's probably because this happened on Sunday:


Pretty familiar, huh? Other than the running back lining up in a slightly different position and running to the other side, it was effectively an identical play each time.

That wasn't the initial playcall though, but it's certainly something they were looking for. As soon as Anderson motioned out into that position, they got the look they were after and McCown audibled to this play.

McCown had a potential touchdown here and he knew it. He had to rush to get the play changed and the snap off in time, but you could sense he was almost giddy with excitement at the opportunity.

It says a lot for the Jets' confidence in Anderson that they're starting to set up opportunities like this for him and that McCown is confident enough in his ability to go and get it if he throws the ball out ahead of him.

As for Anderson himself, in addition to securing a difficult catch here, he's developing a natural ability to blow past great players on the outside, even very good ones. Here he notes rookie-of-the-year candidate Tre'Davious White coming up to the line late so he's able to get him on his heels with an immediate burst. On the previous week's play against $14 million per year pro bowler Desmond Trufant, he had to do more to set him up beecause Trufant was already up at the line.

In a game where the Jets did a lot of things well, surprising the Bills in the process, they also had success here with something they've been doing well all season. That was McCown's eighth touchdown pass of 20 yards or longer this year, most of them on similar plays to this one.

As an analyst, knowing this was about to happen before the ball has even been snapped is a new experience, but an enjoyable one. As a fan, hopefully it's something that will become all the more familiar as the Jets continue to have success off it, perhaps setting up some other options in the process.

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