Ranking the top ten Jets additions of the offseason

It's been a whirlwind offseason, but finally things should be about to slow down. So, we can now take stock of what's been added to this Jets team since the end of the season. Some of these moves seem like they took place so long ago, you almost forget they happened.

Let's count them down...

(10. CB Brian Poole

This may not seem like a major addition, nor is it all that likely to be one of the best, but it's certainly an important one. Poole is slated to replace Buster Skrine, a player many fans had lost patience with. It will be interesting to see how long that goodwill earned from not being Buster Skrine will last for Poole before fans start growing frustrated with him, as he takes over the unforgiving slot corner role.

(9. OLB Jachai Polite

Usually, by now, one of the non-first round rookies will have done something to stand out during the offseason program, but that doesn't seem to have been the case so far. Nevertheless, Polite has the best chance of making an instant impact, purely due to playing a position where roles are up for grabs. The Jets are counting on an improved work ethic from Polite this year, so it remains to be seen how soon he can make an impact.

(8. GM Joe Douglas

Long-term, Douglas will probably prove to be the biggest addition of this offseason, but surely it's too late for him to have much of an impact on the 2019 Jets at this late stage of the offseason? Who knows though, maybe we'll re-do this list in a couple of months and not only will Douglas have moved up, but one or two of the players he's brought in will also be on the list.

(7. WR Jamison Crowder

Crowder's addition seems to have been overshadowed by other moves the Jets made during the free agent period and the Jets might be hoping he plays a similar role during the regular season, making an impact because attention is focused elsewhere. Expect Crowder to produce in volume if he stays healthy this year because he'll probably be used a lot in the short passing game, not to mention being the best slot receiver Sam Darnold has likely ever played with.

(6. DT Quinnen Williams

Williams, who was slowed by a calf injury during the offseason program and hasn't actually signed his rookie deal yet, probably deserves to be higher up this list. However, to be a "difference maker" in 2019, he needs to be great right off the bat, because the rest of the defensive line is already good. That's a tough ask compared with some other players who could provide an immediate upgrade even if they're just mediocre this year.

(5. LB CJ Mosley

He cost a lot of money and there are fans who are skeptical that he's going to be worth it, but Mosley brings a pro bowl level talent and the coaching staff is excited to have him. More important than his abilities against the run and pass are the fact he excels at quarterbacking the defense and will hopefully iron out the communication issues that led to so many breakdowns in the Todd Bowles era. Will the team regret giving up on Darron Lee, though?

(4. G Kelechi Osemele

It seems like forever ago, but the Jets pulled off a shrewd move to acquire Osemele as their new starting left guard for the price of a measly day three pick swap. The Jets desperately needed to upgrade their interior line and this move achieves that, even though some fans feel they still have work to do on that front. The Jets running game was pitiful down the stretch last year, so hopefully Osemele's aggression, power and technique will help to fix that.

(3. DC Gregg Williams

While the Jets eventually ended up with a more harmonious general manager and head coach pairing, it's easy to forget that Gregg Williams' addition seemingly had little to do with the new head coach. Williams is bringing a new attitude to the defense and some much needed discipline and accountability to a unit that often couldn't get out of its own way in 2018. We'll see how coherently he fits in with the rest of the coaching staff.

(2. RB Le'Veon Bell

It's difficult to know what to expect from Bell, who may show signs of rust or could find that the Jets' linemen take a while to adjust to his patient running style. However, the Jets clearly have a plan for him, both in the running game and as a weapon in the passing game. Furthermore, his addition did feel like something of a watershed moment as the Jets landed their number one target and brought in a talented player with true star quality.

(1. HC Adam Gase

For someone who has only been in the job for a little over a few months, Gase has certainly made an impact so far, with the roster and front office each taking on a different look. His biggest role, though, and the reason he was hired, is to maximize Darnold's potential and turn the Jets back into a contender for the postseason. That's no easy task and it would help matters if most of the nine names listed above him could perform up to expectations or better.

Where did we go wrong? Did we miss anyone? Who was rated too high or too low? Let us know in the comments...