Reminder: Maccagnan draft tendencies

As we try to project who the Jets might select today and tomorrow, we can revert back to last year's analysis on what the Jets typically look for in a prospect in the Mike Maccagnan regime.

The conclusions drawn were as follows:

  1. They target players with good length and avoid players with below average length unless they play a position where length is unimportant;
  2. They tend to avoid players with off-field red flags with their draft picks, unless the issues are relatively insignificant; and
  3. They target younger prospects in the first round but age is a non-factor after that.

On that basis we can look at some of the options available at 72 and see who fits into this philosophy. Who are you hoping will be the next pick?

After the draft we will revisit the model and see if the tendencies still hold true.