Roster News: Folorunso Fatukasi placed on Covid-19 reserve

The Jets suffered a late blow heading into tomorrow's game:

This is a problem for the Jets, whose run defense has been porous in spite of Fatukasi's solid play at defensive tackle.

According to the current rules, a team is entitled to elevate a Covid-19 replacement from the roster on gameday (up to 90 minutes before kickoff) in the event of a late positive test. However, these tests were probably logged today and therefore the moves already processed would have been in response to these.

The Jets could have elevated Tanzel Smart for extra defensive line depth, for example, but would presumably just activate Jonathan Marshall (who otherwise be inactive) instead, so no change is needed.

The Jets opted to head into tomorrow with just four linebackers when adding Dawkins might have made sense. However, they could just as easily have elevated LaRoy Reynolds instead and opted not to so that probably won't change either.

It's quite possible possible therefore that the Jets will stand pat unless more failed tests are recorded tomorrow.