Roster News: Jets confirm waiver claims, four releases

The Jets have confirmed that they claimed the four players reported earlier and the four corresponding moves:

Middleton's release makes sense given the fact that the Jets added Matthias Farley and Bennett Jackson over the last few days, although whether both are upgrades over him remains to be seen. Middleton started four games last year, including the season opener.

Bertolet has obviously been replaced by Vedvik but the new kicker may have a short leash in practice.

McClellan was seemingly surplus to requirements after the team added players like Jackson and Farley and kept the likes of Harvey Langi. Perhaps he could be a candidate to return after week one so he doesn't have to have a full year's salary guaranteed.

As speculated earlier, Berrios is a direct replacement for Dortch as a backup slot receiver and punt returner. Dortch may have blown his chances by muffing a punt on Thursday night but the Jets had already stated he wasn't where they'd like him to be as a receiver so perhaps they see Berrios as giving them more value.

Brent Qvale being added to injured reserve could be an option they take if anyone else shakes loose and is picked up tomorrow or later in the week.

They have also announced their practice squad moves so far:

Mosley and Brown are two additions we expected, to add to the four names reported earlier and the automatic addition of Holmes. The Jets should still have four spots available which could go to the following:

  • Deontay Burnett (Jets reportedly want to sign him but the deal isn't done yet);
  • Middleton (if he clears waivers - Connor Hughes reported this is the current plan);
  • Dortch (if he clears waivers - this is less certain); and
  • Josh Adams (reportedly agreed terms but will presumably need to work out for the team first).