Roster News: Jets place Schweitzer on IR, add three to roster

The Jets have made their roster moves ahead of tomorrow's game against Houston:

Disappointingly, this basically rules Schweitzer out for the rest of the season. Glaser and Hanson could potentially start but the team does list Billy Turner as their number two guard right now. Max Mitchell could also play there but that would depend on Carter Warren's status, which is clearly in doubt if they've brought another two linemen up.

The Jets probably need another defensive tackle after the injuries to Perron Winfrey and Tanzel Smart but Holmes played on the edge for them in preseason so they may simply have to shorten their rotation. Perhaps Micheal Clemons can play inside more. Holmes being activated might reflect the fact that John Franklin-Myers is also questionable.

Not elevating a wide receiver should see Randall Cobb active once again with Jason Brownlee already ruled out.