Roster News: Jets to bring back Brown, Andrews and Hairston?

The Jets didn't bring in any new players but reports indicate they are bringing back three of the players they cut.

The Jets have yet to announce these moves so it's possible they have an agreement in place but will hold off on making them official until they've reassessed some of their injured players. Obviously they'll need to make three moves to create room for these players, but with the temporary IR rules and a few Jets banged-up, it's anticipated they'll just place three guys on injured reserve.

It always makes sense for a team to release and then bring back any veterans they didn't think were at much risk of getting picked up by another team. With no waiver claim process and the players remaining at the team hotel overnight, they could easily agree that they'd add the player back to the 53 once they could put a few guys on injured reserve. Any players placed on injured reserve can return in week four at the earliest.

Hairston was due to earn over $2 million this year so it will be interesting to see if they bring him back for the same amount or just on a minimum salary deal. Andrews has already pocketed some guaranteed money on his release, so he'll probably be happy to sign back for the minimum and end up ahead of where he would have been just staying on the 53. Brown was already on the minimum anyway.

There may yet be other moves to follow. Anyone cut today to make room for a waiver claim could now be a target tomorrow. Also, it's not impossible that these won't be the only three veterans added back to the 53-man roster. James Burgess, Jonotthan Harrison or Matthias Farley could also return, depending on how many injured players they intend to add to injured reserve.

Once these moves are officially announced, we'll let you know. It will be noteworthy to see which players they'll be prepared to rule out from playing in the first three games.