Roster News: Updating on this year's round eight haul

We won't get official confirmation of the names for another day or two. However, if the reports are accurate, and they usually are for the most part, with maybe one or two inaccuracies, then this is a bumper haul which may even take the Jets past the roster limit and require them to cut someone.

The likelihood is that at least one or two of these players will either fail their physical, opt not to sign after all or never actually signed in the first place and is only trying out at rookie camp. However, these are the names and we will confirm the correct details and provide in-depth analysis soon:

Jarius Monroe, S/CB, Tulane
Tre Jenkins, S/LB, San Jose State
Lincoln Sefcik, TE/FB, South Alabama
Jimmy Ciarlo, LB, Army
Leonard Taylor, DT. Miami
Braiden McGregor, DE, Michigan
Shyheim Battle, S/CB, NC State
Brady Latham, G, Arkansas
Jeremy Lewis, EDGE/LB, ECU
Tyler Harrell, WR, Miami
Marshel Martin, TE, Sacramento State
Jackson Sirmon, LB, Cal
Shemar Bartholemew, DB, Georgia Southern
Tyreek Johnson, Edge, South Carolina
Al Blades Jr, DB, Duke
Eric Watts, DL, UConn
Willie Taylor III, OL, Louisville
Marcus Riley, WR, Florida A&M

If you spot any new reports or corrections let us know in the comments...