Round Eight: Jets 2024 UDFA Tracker

Below, we will compile a list of all reported or rumored undrafted free agent pick-ups. Please bear in mind that sometimes such reports can be inaccurate as players will see offers pulled or just get an invite on a tryout basis. We will update on a regular basis so keep refreshing.

Rumored UDFA signings

Jarius Monroe, S/CB, Tulane
Tre Jenkins, S/LB, San Jose State
Lincoln Sefcik, TE/FB, South Alabama
Jimmy Ciarlo, LB, Army
Leonard Taylor, DT. Miami
Braiden McGregor, DE, Michigan
Shyheim Battle, S/CB, NC State
Brady Latham, G, Arkansas
Jeremy Lewis, EDGE/LB, ECU
Tyler Harrell, WR, Miami
Marshel Martin, TE, Sacramento State
Jackson Sirmon, LB, Cal
Shemar Bartholemew, DB, Georgia Southern
Tyreek Johnson, Edge, South Carolina
Al Blades Jr, DB, Duke
Eric Watts, DL, UConn
Willie Taylor III, OL, Louisville
Marcus Riley, WR, Florida A&M

Minicamp invites reported include:

Michael Chris-Ike, RB, Delaware State
Luke Brubacher, DE, Wilfrid Laurier
Colby Suits, QB, Houston Christisn
Chris Autman-Bell, WR, Minnesota
Gordon Porter, WR, UConn
Cole Beck, RB, Virginia Tech
Kahtero Summers, WR, Rhode Island
Sebastian Delasoudas, OL, Rhode Island
Darren Grainger, QB, Georgia State
Dev Holmes, WR, New Haven
Jaylon King, DB, Georgia Tech
Ireland Brown, C, Rutgers
Kenneth Horsey, OL, Kentucky

The Jets usually need to cut several players to fit these guys in on their 90-man roster, but this year they have fewer players under contract so this may not be necessary. Nevertheless, there may be some roster moves over the next few days.

We'll have more detail on these players within the next day or so.