Scouting Corey White

Last month, the Jets confirmed the signing of former Saints and Bills defensive back Corey White.

The 27-year-old White is listed at 6-foot-1, 210 pounds, and was a fifth round pick out of Samford in 2012. He's started 27 games in a five year career that has seen him record 161 tackles, 22 passes defensed and six interceptions.


White spent his first three seasons with the Saints after they drafted him in the fifth round out of Samford. His playing time and production gradually increased over the course of those three seasons, although he struggled in coverage while starting a career high nine games in 2014 and didn't make the team in 2015.

He played a total of 10 games with the Cowboys and Cardinals in 2015, but didn't get much playing time. However, he played a more significant role with the Bills last season, starting four games and recording 30 tackles and two interceptions.

The Jets signed White in late May.

Let's move onto some further analysis of what White brings to the table, based on in-depth research and film study.


Some of White's workout numbers at the scouting combine in 2012 were pretty good as you can see below, but he really boosted his stock when he improved upon his 40-yard dash with a 4.39 at his pro day.


Over the course of his career, White seen most of his work as a nickel corner, primarily playing in the slot. He's also played some safety.

However, last year with the Bills, he played primarily on the outside or as a deep safety.

His versatility should provide the Jets with useful depth. At a recent press conference, Todd Bowles said that the Jets will start White off at the safety position, but mainly because that would be easier to pick up so he could start competing sooner.

Coverage skills

White's coverage numbers over the course of his career have not been bad. His worst year was in 2014 when he gave up over 700 yards and four touchdowns, but otherwise he's held up quite well. In 2016, he only gave up a 51% completion percentage when targeted.

White (who wore #24 in New Orleans, #23 in Dallas and #30 in Buffalo) can be prone to mental errors as he'll sometimes be fooled by play action or similar plays as he was on this flea-flicker:



White has been employed in press coverage quite a lot although he can be inconsistent with his jams. He'll often lose his man early in the play and be forced to scramble to recover.

He's had seven penalties for pass interference, defensive holding or illegal contact over the course of his career. The only personal foul he's ever had on defense was for face masking.

Ball skills

White has put up pretty good numbers for breaking up and intercepting passes over the course of his career. He also intercepted several passes in college, including four in his senior year, one of which he returned for a score.

His ability to close on the ball is good but he is not always great at locating the ball in the air as he'll sometimes misjudge it. On sideline throws he sometimes won't look back at all and will instead try to rely on forcing the receiver out.

White's two interceptions last season both came on throws into the end zone. He also had this spectacular juggling effort in preseason:


In 2013, he almost brought one back for a touchdown, but ended up fumbling it through the end zone for a touchback.

He managed to score on this play though, but it was an easy play as Tom Savage was completely fooled by the trap coverage and telegraphed his pass:



White has not been a very effective tackler over the course of his career, averaging two missed tackles every three games for his career. He had eight in total last season.

On this play, his effort was lacking as he lazily tried to shove the runner out of bounds instead of ensuring he was stopped:


This play was perhaps more because he was thrown off balance while trying to recover to make a play on the ball, but it was just as costly, leading to a long touchdown:


Despite all the missed tackles, White has some nice plays on his highlight reel. He can hit and when he squares a ball carrier up correctly, he'll drive through them and stop them in their tracks. However, he's perhaps a little reckless at times and this causes some of the missed tackles as he comes up too fast.

Run defense

White hasn't contributed much against the run over the course of his career, which is perhaps just as well given how many tackles he misses.

When unblocked he can close on the ball well, but he will often get blocked out of plays.


White has blitzed from the slot from time to time. Officially, he only has one sack but he has also generated some good pressure albeit nearly always because he was unblocked:



Rod Marinelli, White's defensive coordinator when he was with Dallas, has praised his instincts and versatility.

Despite this, he did seem to be involved in a lot of mental errors and blown coverages, although to be fair most of these happened while he was with the Saints and before he joined the Cowboys, so perhaps it's an area where he has improved.

On the Bilal Powell touchdown last season he seemed to be looking into the backfield the whole time, as if he thought there must be someone behind him. However, the motion before the snap should have altered him to the fact that this wasn't going to be the case:



On the field White can be demonstrative in terms of celebrating after a big play or standing over receivers after a hit.

He doesn't have any obvious character red flags, although the Cowboys reportedly cut him and one other player for not wearing a suit on a team flight.

Special teams

White has seen a lot of work on special teams in a variety of roles including as a gunner, a vice, a blocker on the return units and rushing punts.

He's had some production in kick coverage, but has also had a tendency to miss tackles and get flagged. Here was a play where he got down the field well to force a fumble but didn't make a clean hit:


There was another play where he was concentrating on his block on a punt and misjudged the bounce of the ball which then hit him, causing a muff.

He's yet to block a kick at the NFL level, but has three roughing penalties, suggesting perhaps that he's been close.


White has had some knee issues over the course of his career, including in 2012 when he was placed on injured reserve late in the season. He also missed some time through illness in 2013.

Scheme Fit

With his positional versatility and experience of having played with multiple teams, White should be a useful addition that has a good chance of finding a role for himself.

He was a teammate of Morris Claiborne in Dallas, so that might help him to make the transition.


White's film from over the course of his career is somewhat inconsistent. He shows flashes of excellent ability, but seems to be out-techniqued at the line of scrimmage too often and also makes too many mental errors.

At times, it's as though he tries to rely too much on his athletic ability and that can lead to him giving up plays unnecessarily.

Having said that, he bounced back nicely last year with a consistent year in coverage and was a valuable contributor for the Bills in a variety of roles.

This is a solid low-cost addition who provides some depth and experience. However, it would take an unexpectedly impressive performance from him to make himself part of the team's long-term future. Even if he makes the rotation he could find himself replaced by younger options down the stretch if the season pans out as expected.

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