Special Teams Review: Broncos at Jets

The special teams unit didn't make much of an impact yesterday and certainly didn't do much to help the Jets with their field position.

Let's review the key contributions...

Kicking game - Mama Myers! Here we go again

Kicker JASON MYERS had a potentially costly missed field goal with the Jets trailing 7-0 in the first quarter, as he hooked a chip shot wide. However, he bounced back to make two field goals, including a 49-yarder. He also made all four of his extra points and had six touchbacks.

Punter LACHLAN EDWARDS only punted three times, all of them from near midfield. One was laid up perfectly inside the five and another was fielded inside the 15, but he also overkicked one so it bounced into the end zone for a touchback.

Return game - Fire the Cannon

After the struggles he had during preseason, there was a sense of impending doom when TRENTON CANNON had to fill in for ANDRE ROBERTS to field a third quarter punt. Sure enough, Cannon bobbled his fair catch and then had the ball knocked away from him. The officials correctly ruled that Cannon had secured the catch before the defensive player stripped it so the Jets were able to retain possession. Had that been ruled a fumble, the Broncos would have been in good position to pull back within a score and put the Jets under more pressure.

The Jets need a better contingency plan if Roberts gets hurt again because Cannon simply doesn't look comfortable under punts. Fortunately, Roberts injury - to his elbow - didn't prevent him from moving back into the return role after that play.

Roberts showed his value late in the third quarter, when he returned a punt 51 yards to set up a field goal. However, he didn't do much else in the return game, again struggling with some of his decision making, including on one kickoff return where he was dragged down at the 12-yard line.

Right before halftime, Roberts fielded a punt that looked certain to go into the end zone and got blown up inside the 10-yard line. However, that's probably forgivable because you would assume the Jets would have taken a knee regardless, so he might as well try and break one.

It would be nice if Roberts could save some of his long returns for a closer game, rather than when the Jets win comfortably anyway, but he's been a big upgrade over what the Jets have had over the past few years.

CHRIS HERNDON's struggles as a blocker continued as he got called for an illegal block in the back on a play where his man blew up a Roberts runback. DOUG MIDDLETON also had a penalty for an illegal block.

Kick coverage - Keep calm and Parry on

Although Cannon almost messed up on his punt return, he did a great job of running downfield to make an immediate tackle on an Edwards punt.

On the only kickoff return of the day, PARRY NICKERSON got pancaked, but immediately bounced to his feet and dragged the return man down from behind. It's important that Nickerson gets credit for this play because they announcers said it was KEVIN PIERRE-LOUIS and the official stat sheet gave credit to DARRYL ROBERTS.

Those were the only two special teams tackles on the day, as JUSTON BURRIS was lucky not to be fooled by the bounce on the punt that was downed at the five.