Special Teams Review: Jets at Chiefs

We've been breaking down this week's game against Kansas City. We wrap up today's analysis with a look at the special teams.

Let's review the key contributions...

Kicking game - Season Ending Sergio

With Sam Ficken still out, Sergio Castillo handled kicking duties again and impressed with three first half field goals, including 55 and 48-yarders. Just when he seemed on the verge of winning a job (somewhere, if not here), he got a chance at a fourth field goal right before the half, but it was blocked.

This was through no fault of his own. The rusher slipped in between Ryan Griffin and Conor McDermott on the right side of the line. The Chiefs had obviously seen something on film (or read these weekly reviews) because they had tried the same thing earlier and nearly got a block.

After the block, there was no time left but the Chiefs were in danger of returning it for a touchdown, especially as Mecole Hardman frantically tried to lateral it to a teammate. Holder Braden Mann missed the initial tackle and then Griffin did too, although he had a fistful of jersey long enough to slow Hardman down so Greg Van Roten could eventually fall on him.

Aside from being the holder and missing tackles, Braden Mann also kicked off and punted. On his four kickoffs, he had a touchback and two others that were returned from the end zone. On punts, this was statistically his second best game so far and featured one of his best punts, a booming 60-yarder that carried the return man out of bounds. His numbers were helped by a 36-yard return being negated by a penalty though.

Finally, Arthur Maulet registered pressure off the edge on one Chiefs extra point.

Kick coverage - Given Arthur Chance

As noted, the Chiefs had a 36-yard punt return that was negated by a penalty. That was drawn by Harvey Langi and came after Maulet had missed the initial tackle and Tarell Basham and Mathias Farley got sealed inside. Griffin eventually made the tackle downfield.

Otherwise, the gunners - Maulet and Vyncint Smith - did a pretty good job, each forcing a fair catch.

On three kickoff returns, Byron Pringle only got out to about the 25 each time. The Jets did a good job of gang tackling on these plays with Mann, Smith and Maulet getting credit. Smith had also held up the return man on the opening kickoff and ended up drawing a penalty for a facemask as he was pulled down by Pringle. Mann ran down and completed the tackle.

Farley and Basham also each had a missed tackle and Maulet got blocked to the ground on one return.

Return game - Pierre Unaware

Once again the Jets' return unit didn't do much and were exploited on a Chiefs fake punt that set up the Chiefs' second touchdown. Punter Tommy Townsend completely an easy pass as Pierre Desir dropped too far off and turned his back on the gunner.

On punts, Braxton Berrios once again didn't get a chance to return one as both Maulet and Desir got beaten downfield by a gunner to lead to a fair catch.

Ty Johnson only got to return one kickoff and he was blown up before he got to the 20-yard line with no blockers anywhere near him. Either the Jets set up a return going the other way and Johnson went rogue or missed a memo or the Jets did an awful job of slowing down the first wave.

That wraps up today's analysis from the game, but we'll be back with more over the next few days...