Special Teams Review: Jets at Colts

We've been breaking down this week's game against the Colts. We wrap up today's analysis with a look at the special teams.

Let's review the key contributions...

Kicking game - Matt Finish

Punter Thomas Morstead got a stay of execution this week but Braden Mann can perhaps be expected to return for the Bills game with the long week to prepare.

If this is Morstead's last game, he again acquitted himself well with 51, 57 and 48 yard punts and only one of these was returned. Morstead is 7th in the NFL for yards per punt.

Kicker Matt Ammendola made all four of his kicks - three extra points and a short field goal. On kickoffs, he only had one touchback, although this appeared to be by design. In fact, a couple of his kickoffs were low squib kicks.

The Jets attempted one onside kick and Morstead did this, getting a decent hop on the ball. You'll recall that Ammendola took the onside kick in London despite the fact Morstead executed perhaps the most famous onside kick of all time.

On the punt rush unit, Tim Ward jumped offside while in punt protection, Sharrod Neasman allowed a pressure and Ty Johnson did a good job of picking up a rush at the last moment.

Kick coverage - Invincible Quincy

The Jets got an awesome kick coverage performance from Quincy Williams this week as he had three big hits, one of which injured the return man (although he did return later).

Justin Hardee and Hamsah Nasirildeen each also had a special teams tackle in coverage. Hardee was also flagged for an unsportsmanlike penalty when he was covering a punt and got shoved out of bounds but didn't immediately make an effort to get back inbounds. However, had he not done that, it could have been a big return because he was easily the first man down.

The other gunner, Jeff Smith, also got down well to force a fair catch on one punt, while Thomas Hennessy downed a punt at the 12 after Hardee again got downfield well.

Return game - Brax on, Brax off

This was another of those games where the return game had no impact for the Jets. The Colts kicked off eight times but six of these were touchbacks, and punted twice but one was downed and the other was fair caught.

Braxton Berrios got out past the 25 as he bounced the opening kickoff to the outside, but Hardee was called for a hold on that one. His only other return was blown up at the 20 as Trevon Wesco failed to sustain his block.

That wraps up today's analysis from the game, but we'll be back with more over the next few days...