Special Teams Review: Jets at Jaguars

The special teams unit didn't make much of an impact yesterday and certainly didn't do much to help the Jets with their field position.

Let's review the key contributions...

Kicking game - Lach around the clock

Kicker JASON MYERS had an uneventful day, as he made two field goals and had three touchbacks. One of his kick-offs was laid up short but just made it over the goal line otherwise it could have pinned the Jaguars deep. The only one that was returned was a squib kick that was fielded at about the 20.

The NFL actually also credited Myers with a 58-yard punt but that was actually a mistake as it was LACHLAN EDWARDS. That one rolled into the end zone for a touchback.

Edwards punted another six times and his numbers were pretty good, although he had one that he shanked out of bounds and a few more where he got a lucky bounce.

One week after deflecting a punt, KEVIN PIERRE-LOUIS got through the line to get pressure on another punt.

Return game - Methane leak

ANDRE ROBERTS had a rough game this week as he was stuffed at the nine and 14-yard line on two of his three kick-off returns. He didn't make it back to the 25 on the other one, either. The one where he was stuffed at the nine was a particularly bad decision as he had to run across the field to get the ball so he had no upfield momentum and was pinned in the corner. He should have left that for a touchback.

Roberts didn't do much on punts either, although he got the Jets some yardage when the gunner hit him early and was called for kick catch interference. On his only return, Roberts went nowhere and then tried to reverse his field, but the Jets again benefited from a penalty on that one.

CHRIS HERNDON continues to struggle as a blocker, as he twice let his man beat his block to get in on a stop and engaged his man too late on another play. DARRYL ROBERTS also had a missed block and PARRY NICKERSON got beaten downfield by the gunner.

Kick coverage - Roberts in disguise

For the second week in a row, TERRENCE BROOKS was the standout in coverage, as he twice got downfield on punts to make an immediate tackle.

DOUG MIDDLETON also was in on a good special teams tackle and Nickerson drew a flag for an illegal block in the back to negate a 22-yard punt return. NEVILLE HEWITT also appeared to get blocked in the back on the same play.

Roberts had a good tackle on punt coverage and also downed a punt at the six-yard line, although he lost sight of the ball and was lucky the ball didn't bounce into the end zone after it had deflected off him.