Special Teams Review: Jets-Bills

We've been breaking down this week's game against the Bills. We wrap up today's analysis with a look at the special teams.

Let's review the key contributions...

Kicking game - Composure with the game on the 'lein

Kicker Greg Zuerlein made all four of his kicks, including a 53-yarder. He came up big on his most important kick of the year, nailing the game winner, albeit on a 28-yard chip shot, with 103 seconds remaining. However, Braden Mann arguably made more of a clutch contribution here, as he dealt well with a high Thomas Hennessy snap.

Mann had a terrible start to the game as, for the second week in a row, he slipped over on a kickoff and set up the Bills near midfield to start the game.

At least his other four kickoffs were touchbacks as the team still can't seem to decide whether they want him or Zuerlein doing this.

Mann's punting was solid. He had a 63-yarder but it got returned 18 yards. Otherwise he put his other two punts inside the 10 and down at the 12 with no return.

The Bills had a costly field goal miss from 55 as Brandin Echols once again came flying off the edge. He's good at that.

Also, let's not forget the fake punt with Ashtyn Davis running for a first down behind Jamien Sherwood and Marcell Harris.

Kick coverage - Got 'wood?

Justin Hardee entered the game tied for the league lead in special teams tackles but didn't have a tackle this week, although he didn't get much of a chance. He and Echols both overpursued on the 18-yard punt return, which meant that Sherwood had to make an open field tackle that was literally the only special teams tackle of the day for the Jets.

Hardee also got called for unnecessary roughness as he got downfield well to force a fair catch but then got tangled up with the vice and dragged him down. That was his first penalty in 12 games.

Return game - Life on Marce

Braxton Berrios continues to be kept quiet as teams actively try to nullify his return value. He had one good return out past the 40 but it got called back after a Harris holding penalty. Harris also almost jumped offside on a punt, but just got back onside before the snap.

The likes of Hardee, Sherwood and Ty Johnson all had good blocks on that return, but the best one was by Jermaine Johnson, who sealed his guy off and knocked him to the ground.

Berrios' only other return saw him stuffed at the 20. Davis and Tyler Conklin failed to sustain their blocks on that runback.

The Bills punted twice and Berrios left both of these to bounce. One landed in the end zone but the other was downed inside the five.

Berrios' return numbers are okay but the effect of taking him out of the game has been positive for Jets' opponents. His kickoff return average is still solid at 23.8 but it was over 30 last year. On punts, his average is around 13, which is good, but he only actually has seven returns with a long of 19. Barring some touchdowns or long returns in the second half, he likely won't be an all-pro again for 2022.

That wraps up today's analysis from the game, but we'll be back with more over the next few days...