Special Teams Review: Jets-Buffalo

We've been breaking down this week's game against the Bills. We wrap up today's analysis with a look at the special teams.

Let's review the key contributions...

Kicking game - Blocky Johnson

The biggest play in the kicking game on Sunday saw rookie Jermaine Johnson block a punt for a safety. If only that could have bounced more kindly, giving the Jets a touchdown, then they might have had a better chance to win - not that the Jets ever recover a loose ball anyway.

Johnson also had a pressure on the next Bills punt and he and Jamien Sherwood got close on another where the punter was knocked down but there was no penalty because Sherwood's man got pushed back into him.

Both punters were busy with Braden Mann having mixed results navigating the tough conditions. He landed two inside the 20 and had the return man backpedalling on one despite heavy pressure but he also had a touchback from near midfield and allowed 42 yards of returns.

Kicker Greg Zuerlein made a short field goal and an extra point. He had one touchback on three kickoffs, with one of the others being a short squib kick.

Marcell Harris and Ty Johnson seemed to be responsible on the pressure that Mann saw. Thomas Hennessy also let his man into the backfield and committed a holding penalty on one punt.

Kick coverage - Kenny Powers

At least the Jets got a chance to cover some kicks this week. Kenny Yeboah led the way with two special teams tackles, including one where he blew up a punt return for a short gain.

The Jets gave up punt returns of 23 and 17 yards with Justin Hardee and Sherwood making saving tackles. The other tight ends struggled as Jeremy Ruckert had two missed tackles, CJ Uzomah had one and Tyler Conklin was blocked out of a play.

Hardee also forced a fair catch and downed two punts while Will Parks and Tony Adams were also credited with special teams tackles.

Return game - Berr Market

Braxton Berrios also got some opportunities this week, returning four kickoffs and two punts. (Actually one of these "kickoffs" was a free kick that was punted to him, but that's how they score it).

He had punt returns of 13 and 10 yards and averaged 22 yards per kickoff return although his longest was only 24. Uzomah had a good block, taking his man to the ground, on one of the kickoff returns.

While he had a couple of nice returns where he made the first man miss, Berrios also had issues with some punts which were obviously difficult to field in the swirling winds. He left a few to bounce with one being downed at the goal line. Another narrowly missed making contact with him.

Berrios now needs four kickoff returns and six punt returns in these last four games to qualify for the leaderboard in these categories.

That wraps up today's analysis from the game, but we'll be back with more over the next few days...