Special Teams Review: Jets-Patriots

We've been breaking down this week's game against the Patriots. We wrap up today's analysis with a look at the special teams.

Let's review the key contributions...

Kicking game - The honeymoon is Ammendover

With his hooked 48-yarder in the first quarter, Matt Ammendola continued the perpetual pattern of every Jets kicker ever missing as soon as they have to kick against the Patriots in New England, no matter how well they'd been kicking up to that point. The Jets remain shut out for the season in first quarter action.

Ammendola's only other kick attempt was a successful extra point. He also had one kickoff for a touchback.

Punter Thomas Morstead must be coming towards the end of his tenure as Braden Mann's replacement, and this was his worst game statistically as his two punts had nets of 32 and 39 yards. His gross average was 50 though.

For the Patriots, Nick Folk missed one extra point. Jets corners - primarily Brandin Echols - are getting some pressure off the edge on these.

Kick coverage - Blake News

The Jets' punt coverage was disappointing this week, having been solid all season to this point. On Morstead's first punt, the Patriots aggressively bracketed both gunners to prevent them from getting downfield and the rest of the coverage was slow to get down there, leading to a 17-yard return as Blake Cashman overpursued.

On the second punt, Justin Hardee masterfully got downfield, but then missed the tackle, leading to a 12-yard return.

Kickoff coverage wasn't very good either, as the Patriots returned one to the 35 and the other to the 27. Brown and Cashman also had missed tackles and Del'Shawn Phillips, Carter and Ty Johnson were blocked out of plays.

Johnson, Cashman, Phillips and Noah Dawkins were each credited with one special teams tackle.

Return game - You've lost that loving Keelan

After doing a decent job as the return man in London, Tevin Coleman was inactive on Sunday. He injured his hamstring on Friday. As a result, the Jets added Keelan Cole into the return mix.

The first two returns were pretty good, as Cole made a good block for Braxton Berrios to get out past the 30 and then took the next one himself out to the 27. However, the other four were all stopped short of the 25.

Jason Pinnock and Daniel Brown each had a couple of plays where their man beat their block with Pinnock being bowled over on one. Sharrod Neasman also let his man get off his block to get in on a stop.

On the only New England punt, the Jets went all out to try and block it but that got picked up. Predictably, this meant Berrios had to take a fair catch.

That wraps up today's analysis from the game, but we'll be back with more over the next few days...