Special Teams Review: Jets-Titans

We've been breaking down this week's game against the Titans. We wrap up today's analysis with a look at the special teams.

Let's review the key contributions...

Kicking game - All good things come to Ammend

Placekicker Matt Ammendola gets credit for a game-winner with his 22-yarder in overtime holding up as he made all five kicks and registered a touchback on all six of his kickoffs in a solid display.

Thomas Morstead punted reasonably well, but he had a couple of line drives that were returned, so his numbers were less impressive than last week. One thing that's noticeable about Morstead is that he's pretty slow to get his kick away which may put extra pressure on the punt protection unit.

On one punt, the rusher got close to Morstead and actually knocked him down, although the officials clearly felt that the blocker, Ryan Griffin, pushed him into Morstead. You'll recall Braden Mann was injured on a similar play. Griffin also allowed pressure on an extra point.

The Titans had their own issues in the kicking game as Johnny Townswend fielded a low snap and shanked a 15-yarder and Randy Bullock missed the field goal that would've given the Titans a tie. The Jets played some part in this as Bryce Hall got some pressure off the edge on an extra point and Jamien Sherwood almost blocked a punt.

Kick coverage - Thy will be Dunn

The Jets were without Jeff Smith this week, but Justin Hardee still caused some chaos on the punt coverage unit. This time, Isaiah Dunn was employed as the other gunner.

Hardee was in on two tackles but did overpursue once and also had another fair catch interference penalty that he felt was unjust. Dunn got downfield well a couple of times. On one play he helped force a fair catch and on another, he and Trevon Wesco missed their tackles, but slowed up the return man so Hardee could clean up. Dunn got back in on that tackle and was credited with an assist and Wesco also had a good open field tackle on a later return.

Return game - A Ty of Relief

Braxton Berrios did a nice job this week with punt returns of 18 and 14 yards, breaking a tackle on one and splitting the gunners on the other. He had a short return on his only kickoff runback though.

Berrios, who only had 86 punt return yards all of last season, already has 53 in four games.

The other three kickoffs were fielded by Ty Johnson but he didn't get out past the 25 on any of them and also lost a potentially costly fumble. That was fortunately recovered by Wesco who was only in the right place at the right time because he missed his block to allow the hit that forced the fumble in the first place.

If the Jets are planning to expand Johnson's special teams role, perhaps as a sign that Tevin Coleman and Ace Carter will split most of the offensive reps going forwards, then fumbling is the worst thing he could do. Maybe La'Mical Perine will compete for Johnson's spot soon.

Griffin also had a missed block and both Deuce Carter and Javelin Guidry got beaten by the gunners again, with neither seeming too sure of who to block when Berrios managed to turn that into a positive return.

That wraps up today's analysis from the game, but we'll be back with more over the next few days...