Special Teams Review - Texans at Jets

The Jets put together their most complete special teams performance of the season, but wasted it by being so poor on offense. Let's review the key contributions anyway...

Kicking Game - Don't get too close to the Skrine

Kicker JASON MYERS messed up a big chance to bolster his pro bowl credentials by missing two extra points. Had he made them, the Jets could have driven downfield for a game winning field goal and perhaps would have taken a more pragmatic approach to their last ditch drive.

The hold seemed fine on each missed kick, although holder LACHLAN EDWARDS had to reach back slightly for the snap on the first one.

Myers made his only field goal - a chip shot - and had touchbacks on four of his five kickoffs. One of these was clearly supposed to be laid up short and nearly caused chaos as it bounced right on the goal line. Had that bounced slightly differently, the Jets could have blown it up inside the 10.

Edwards had solid numbers on his four punts, two of which were inside the 20. However, the Jets gave up a 15-yard return on one of them and another could easily have been returned for big yardage too.

HENRY ANDERSON was unable to block a kick for the third week in a row, but - perhaps partly due to the Texans trying to prevent the interior rush - BUSTER SKRINE almost blocked two kicks off the edge. One field goal was just inside the upright and Skrine probably blocks it if it was right down the middle.

Kick Coverage - Cann you believe it?

TRENTON CANNON impressed this week with two great tackles in punt coverage although, on the second one, the return man would have had a chance for a big return as Cannon tripped him with a diving, desperation, ankle tackle having overpursued slightly. Cannon continues to do an outstanding job of getting downfield.

The other gunner, CHARONE PEAKE got downfield well on one punt to force a fair catch at the 12-yard line, but there was one play where the Texans were able to slow him up and get a decent return out of it, although Peake did end up getting in on the tackle.

Peake and RISHARD MATTHEWS each had a missed tackle, but TARELL BASHAM and ERIC TOMLINSON were credited with tackles in coverage.

KEVIN PIERRE-LOUIS also contributed with some physical play, lighting up one of the lead blockers on one return.

Return game - Andre the Giant

In the return game, ANDRE ROBERTS had a solid but unspectacular performance as his two punt returns netted 22 yards and his longest kickoff return was a 30-yarder. He was stuffed at the 17 on one kickoff, as Basham and JORDAN LEGGETT allowed the tackler to split their double-team.

On one of his punt returns, DARRYL ROBERTS was badly beaten by the gunner, but his namesake avoided the tackle to gain positive yardage. PARRY NICKERSON also got lit up on that play.

This was still a memorable game for Roberts, who caught three passes for the first time since December 2016 and had a touchdown reception for the first time since October 2016 and only the second time since October 2014. However, he might still be a long-shot to go to the pro bowl as a return specialist having finished just 7th in fan voting.