Stat of the day: 11 1st-and-10 plays, 0 runs

Jeremy Bates came in for a lot of criticism last week due to the conservative and predictable nature of his gameplan. You may recall Connor Hughes saying that the Jets ran the ball 15 times on 1st-and-10 out of 20 plays. That didn't happen this week:

In the first half, the Jets had a 1st-and-10 on 11 plays. They dropped back to pass on all 11 of these plays

The Jets rushed for 255 yards against this same team a year ago, but didn't even seem to attempt to get the running game going here. Bates seems to be overreacting to a perceived imbalance and putting too much of an effort into getting Sam Darnold established early. The Jets weren't even trailing by more than a score until late in the half.

By the way, they finally broke the streak on their first play of the second half. Isaiah Crowell was stuffed for a safety.