The Jets dropped a bomb on the Browns and on our eyeballs

Pretty much every lede from reports on this game is going to begin "It wasn't pretty but..." (Except this one.) Yet, somehow the Jets are into a first-placed tie in the AFC East. Just like we were all predicting...

The Jets won their third game in a row, the first time in his illustrious career that Josh McCown has won three consecutive starts. He threw for a couple of touchdown passes but it was a pretty woeful offensive display for the Jets until late in the second half.

The Browns moved the ball well against the Jets defense all day, but kept turning the ball over or missing field goals every time they got close. The Browns ultimately put up over 400 yards, while the Jets barely got to 200.

In the end it was a pretty comfortable win in the fourth quarter, with the Browns scoring a late consolation touchdown in a three-point loss for the third time all year. However, it was the Browns' own ineptitude that prevented them from being out of sight already in a game they mostly dominated and the Jets will have to sharpen up if they don't want to be badly beaten by some of the tough teams they're set to face over the next month or so.

Still, the Jets' defensive performance epitomized bend-but-not-break and managed to craft together some well-designed offensive plays to get the two touchdowns that were enough to clinch the win.

This calls for a celebration!

Take it away, bedazzled Calvin Pace...