The Jets dropped a bomb on the Chiefs

In a game that was equal parts terrible, awesome and hilarious, the Jets finally found an opponent in more disarray than themselves and came away with a 38-31 win to improve to 5-7 on the season.

Defensively, the Jets looked absolutely awful on the first two drives and fell into a 14-0 hole, but improved later on, although they gave up two long touchdowns to Tyreek Hill.

The offense carried the Jets in this one as Robby Anderson and Jermaine Kearse each had over 100-yards receiving for the second week in a row. Josh McCown had a big day throwing the ball and also scored on two quarterback sneaks, including the go-ahead score with just over two minutes left.

There's a buzzkill on the way though, as we'll soon find out why Darron Lee was inactive and Muhammad Wilkerson missed almost the entire first quarter. However, the Jets rediscovered their winning ways to end their recent slide.

This calls for a celebration!

Take it away, bedazzled Calvin Pace...