The Jets dropped a bomb on the Texans

Josh Johnson's two-point conversion led the Jets to a come-from-behind 21-14 win over Houston as the Jets improved to 3-8 on the year with their best defensive performance of the year.

The Jets' three-pronged running attack racked up 157 yards on the ground and Austin Walter and Zach Wilson each rushed for a touchdown as the Jets came back from an early 14-3 deficit.

New York racked up five sacks, including two for John Franklin-Myers, who also intercepted a pass.

It wasn't a very good day for kicker Matt Ammendola but, otherwise, the Jets did enough to overcome and up-and-down performance by Wilson in his return.

This calls for a celebration!

Take it away, bedazzled Calvin Pace...

We'll be breaking down the game in great detail, starting bright and early tomorrow, so make sure you keep checking in early and often.