The JetsFix 53-man Roster Relay: Anchor Leg

As we did last year, we're going to mark preseason with a series of fan-sourced roster projections. The idea is that as players make their case in preseason this will be reflected in the next leg of the relay, along with other developments such as injuries.

For the second year in a row, longtime JetsFixer johnsec125 gets the glory of taking the baton across the finishing line...

QB (2)
S. Darnold
T. Siemian

Stay healthy big fella.

(Ed. Note - No change from the previous leg)

RB (4)
L. Bell
T. Montgomery
T. Cannon
B. Powell

Can't cut Bilal. If McGuire could catch and run, it might have made a difference.

(Ed. Note - No change from the previous leg)

WR (7)
R. Anderson
J. Crowder
Q. Enunwa
J. Bellamy
G. Dortch
D. Burnett
D. Thompson

Gase thinks the more the merrier.

(Ed. Note - Thompson's inclusion is the only change)

TE (3)
R. Griffin
T. Wesco
D. Brown

Hurry back Chris.

(Ed. Note - No change from the previous leg)

OL (9)
K. Osemele
R. Kalil
B. Winters
K. Beachum
B. Shell
C. Edoga
A. Lewis
T. Compton
J. Harrison

For those of you that might be confused, that is NOT the Al Lewis who played Grandpa on the "Munsters".

(Ed. Note - Tom Compton is back in for Brent Qvale. That's the only change, other than the Matt Kalil confusion in the previous leg)


DL (11)
S. McClendon
L. Williams
H. Anderson
Q. Williams
F. Fatakusi
B. Kaufusi
J. Jenkins
F. Luvu
J. Polite
N. Shepherd
T. Basham

I will be getting a Hank jersey.

(Ed. Note - Shepherd comes back in after not being on the 53 in the previous leg)

LB (4)
C.J. Mosely
B. Cashman
N. Hewitt
A. McClellan

Anthony is a possibility, but Williamson is gonna be missed.

(Ed. Note - James Burgess drops out)

CB (6)
T. Johnson
M. Cooper
K. Brown
A. Brown
D. Roberts
B. Poole

Stock up on Alka Seltzer.

(Ed. Note - Alex Brown is in, Tevaughn Campbell and Art Maulet are out)

S (4)
J. Adams
M. Maye
R. Miles
D. Middleton

We have the best safety in the league. Can you guess who?

(Ed. Note - Doug Middleton for Brandon Bryant is the only change)

ST (3)
L. Edwards
T. Bertolet
T. Hennessy

Can you say waiver wire?

(Ed. Note - The kicker has gone from Chandler Catanzaro to "Taylor Bertolet ... for now", to "Kicker to be named later" and now finally back to Bertolet)

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