The Leftovers: Preseason 2017 (Pt. 2)

During preseason we've been looking across the other rosters around the league at how some of the players who've been on the Jets roster over the past couple of seasons are faring. This will enable us to get an early idea about whether letting these players go was a mistake or a well-timed move.

Since there's no practice today, let's check in on how those ex-Jets to have played in preseason so far are getting on.

We'll start with the highest profile players and work our way down the list:

Ryan Fitzpatrick - QB - Tampa Bay

Fitzpatrick's first game with the Bucs didn't go too well, but he ended up with six completions from 11 attempts for 45 yards, completing a touchdown drive on this scramble:


However, he didn't complete anything downfield and also had a horrible series later on where he was almost picked, then fumbled trying to throw and finally was intercepted on third down.

Last night, he had a similar game against the Jaguars, completing 6-of-8 for 47 yards but also overthrowing a deep ball down the middle for an easy interception and almost getting intercepted again on a shorter pass as he rolled out. He connected on a couple of nice passes at the first down marker but looks more like he did in 2016 than he did in 2015 right now.

Brandon Marshall - WR - New York Giants

Marshall's first game for the Giants saw him on the field for just the first two plays (both runs) with the Giants resting several offensive players including quarterback Eli Manning and mercurial wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Expect him to play more on Monday night against the Browns.

Eric Decker - WR - Tennessee

Decker got the start against the Jets on Saturday, but he wasn't targeted and his only meaningful contribution was to get flagged for offensive pass interference for setting a pick on Darron Lee. Tennessee's next game is Saturday afternoon at home to Carolina.

David Harris - LB - New England

After not playing in their first game, Harris might play his first game for New England on Saturday night in Houston.

Breno Giacomini - OT - Houston

Giacomini didn't give up any pressure in his first game, but was called for a holding penalty. He'll face off against Harris' Patriots on Saturday night.

Calvin Pryor - S - Cleveland

After a quiet first game with just one tackle, Pryor will face off against Brandon Marshall and the Giants on Monday night.

Marcus Gilchrist - S - Houston

Gilchrist is another player who could make his debut with his new team in the Patriots-Texans game on Saturday night.

Nick Folk - K - Tampa Bay

Folk got off to a solid start as he made a 45-yard field goal on his only attempt. Better still, former second rounder Roberto Aguayo continued his struggles from last year by missing a field goal and an extra point and was released after the game, so Folk had seemingly won the job.

However, he had a 47-yard field goal that veered wide and an extra point blocked in yesterday night's game. He made two field goals and had a touchback on a kick-off, though.

Geno Smith - QB - New York Giants

Smith is in a genuine battle for a roster spot with the Giants. Rookie Davis Webb is presumably going to be on the team and they've listed Josh Johnson as the number two and gave him the start in the first preseason game. Recent reports suggest that Johnson and Smith are both struggling and that Webb is pushing for the back-up role.

On the face of it, Smith's first game wasn't bad, as he completed 10 of 16 passes. However, he was holding the ball too long when players seemed to be open, ending up just 1-for-6 under pressure and taking three sacks. He also made this terrible mistake:


He'll suit up again versus Pryor and the Browns on Monday night.

Jarvis Jenkins - DL - Kansas City

Jenkins got the start and significant playing time in the Chiefs' first preseason game against San Francisco. He was in on two run stuffs but failed to generate any pressure as a pass rusher. He'll play again on Saturday night in Cincinnati.

Jeremy Ross - WR - Arizona

Ross was one of the Cardinals' leading receivers in their win on Saturday night, hauling in three passes for 36 yards with a long of 15. However, he dropped his only other target. Having not been used as a return man in the first game, Ross got his chance this time, but picked up just 14 on his only kick-off return and fair caught his only punt. Arizona's next game is against the Bears on Saturday night.

Brandon Wilds - RB - Cleveland

After barely playing in their first game (one carry for five yards), Wilds will hope to get more looks on Monday night against the Giants.

Braedon Bowman - TE - New Orleans

Bowman signed with the Saints last week. Curiously, they are listing him as a long snapper as well as just a tight end. He might make his debut in San Diego on Sunday night.

Donald Hawkins - OL - Kansas City

Hawkins was briefly on the active roster at the end of last year but didn't get to play. He came off the bench in the Chiefs' first game, but had a few errors. As a run blocker, he let his man get off his block at the second level to stop a run and he got beaten inside for a pressure and driven back for a hit in pass protection. His next game is Saturday night in Cincinnati.

Troymaine Pope - RB - Indianapolis

Pope had some success in his first game, picking up 56 yards and a touchdown on his eight touches, including a 25-yard gain on a screen pass. His touchdown was a meaningless one-yard run as time expired in a 24-10 loss. Pope was also back to return a kick-off, which he muffed and ended up getting tackled at the 14-yard line. The Colts play again in Dallas on Saturday evening.

KD Cannon - WR - Los Angeles Rams

Cannon had been with the Rams less than a week when they had their first preseason game, so perhaps surprisingly didn't see any action on offense. He returned a kick-off 16 yards and got nowhere near the return man on his only other play as a punt gunner. We'll see if he gets more reps in Saturday night's game in Oakland.

Austin Calitro - LB - San Francisco

Calitro was released by the Jets after having been on the roster in rookie camp but made a good early impression with the 49ers, leading them in tackles with six and forcing a fumble in their first preseason game. On four targets in coverage, he gave up a couple of catches including a 16-yard gain. He did have an unnecessary roughness penalty though. He'll look to build on this performance against Denver on Saturday night.

Devin Street - WR - Houston

Street will be looking to improve upon his first game (one drop, one catch for six yards) in Saturday night's match-up with the Patriots.

Bruce Ellington - WR - Texans

Ellington was signed last week after having failed his physical with the Jets. He should make his debut in the game against the Patriots.

Jace Amaro - TE - Tennessee

Amaro didn't make much of an impact against the Jets, catching a two-yard pass on his only target. If you're looking for a sign of whether his blocking has improved, he was in on 16 snaps and ran a route on all of them. Tennessee plays Carolina on Saturday afternoon.

Trevor Reilly - OLB - Miami

Reilly made a couple of plays in his first game but didn't really build on that last night. He gave up a first down when he was late getting over to a receiver in the flat and then allowed him to gain another 15 yards inside the 10 when he overran the play. He was then blocked out of a running play at the second level a few plays later that got the ball down to the goal line and set up a touchdown.

Tommy Bohanon - FB - Jacksonville

Bohanon had been pretty solid in his first game, but didn't fare as well last night, missing a block on special teams and allowing his man to bounce off his lead block and make a run stop.

Jarvis Harrison - OL - Tampa Bay

Harrison played from the second quarter to the end of the game in the Bucs first preseason game and had a couple of good run blocks; one pulling and one at the second level. However, he struggled in pass protection, notably late in the game against Ryan Glasgow, who beat him a few times. Harrison often had that issue with the Jets, although it's unclear whether he loses focus, gets gassed or simply that his opponents eventually figure out how to beat him.

In last night's game, he only got in the game for a couple of late series with the third unit. He made a good run block on an inside zone play and avoided any mistakes.

Wes Saxton - TE - Buffalo

Saxton hasn't seen much time or been targeted in the Bills' first two games. In last night's game, he allowed his man to get inside leverage on him to get in on a run stop.

Darryl Morris - CB - Indianapolis

Morris is in a competition for a rotational role having started a few games for the Colts last year when they had an injury crisis. However, he didn't get any playing time in their first preseason game. We'll see if he gets to play in Dallas on Saturday night.

Jeremy Butler - WR - Buffalo

Butler has been injured so he hasn't played in either of the Bills' preseason games so far.

Raheem Mostert - RB - San Francisco

Mostert was briefly on the Jets' practice squad last season and led the 49ers in this game with 89 yards on 15 carries. This included runs of 19 and 13 yards. He didn't contribute anything to the passing game though and wasn't used on returns. He'll look to build on this against Denver on Saturday.

Darius Jennings - WR - Tennessee

Jennings saw plenty of action against the Jets but didn't register a catch on either of his two targets, which included the play where Ronald Martin recorded an interception. The Titans host the Panthers on Saturday afternoon.

Kyle Friend - OL - Pittsburgh

With several starters rested, Friend saw plenty of time off the bench but didn't make many impact plays. He allowed his man to get off his block to stop one run and was beaten in pass protection on a play that didn't count anyway because of a penalty. The Steelers' next game is on Sunday afternoon against Atlanta.

Jesse Davis - OL - Miami

Davis had started the first Dolphins game at left tackle and last night was in the starting line-up again, this time at left guard. Later on he moved outside to left tackle. Overall, Davis had a rough time as he gave up a sack on an inside move and struggled against speed and bull rushes and in the running game all day.

Lawrence Okoye - DL - Miami

Okoye again didn't get much playing time last night, but did flash once, with a powerful bull rush to drive his man back into the quarterback's lap. He's looked impressive in limited action so far.

Mike Liedtke - OL - Tampa Bay

Liedtke performed much better than Harrison in the Bucs' first game, generating the fifth highest grade on the team, per PFF. He made a handful of key blocks in the running game and limited his mistakes while only giving up one pressure in pass protection.

However, in their second game, he didn't fare as well. He was called for two holds, including one on the play where Fitzpatrick threw his interception. That play saw him easily beaten at the line and still led to pressure, despite the hold.

Bernard Pierce - RB - Denver

Pierce, injured again, missed the Broncos first game, but will look to suit up against the 49ers on Saturday night.

Shelby Harris - DL - Denver

Harris will also play in the 49ers-Broncos game, but - in contrast to Pierce - he's coming off a stellar first game and will be looking to build on that.

Jerome Cunningham - TE - Tennessee

Cunningham was not targeted against the Jets but did a decent job as a run blocker. However, he and Jace Amaro are in a real battle with rookie Jonnu Smith, who has reportedly been impressive in camp. Smith made a few mistakes as a blocker and had a pass hit him in the knee, so it will be interesting to see if he can produce better in the other preseason games, starting with Carolina on Saturday afternoon.

Sean Hickey - OL - Miami

The Jets got rid of Hickey last May and he's been with a few other teams since then. Miami became the latest when they signed him earlier this week, but he did not get any playing time last night.

Titus Davis - WR - Chicago

Davis did not play in the first game due to injury but will look to make his Bears debut in Arizona on Saturday night.

Dane Evans - QB - Philadelphia

In his second game, Evans had a pretty good day, completing 9-of-12 passes and leading the come-from-behind win in the fourth quarter. His long pass led to a pass interference call in the end zone to set up a short game-winning touchdown run.

Evans was intercepted once, although that wasn't really his fault as the defensive back ripped the ball out of the receiver's hands. He led a solid first drive, which included a dart down the middle to convert on 3rd-and-19, but that stalled at the 25 when they got stuffed on 4th-and-inches, one play after he'd fallen just shy of the marker on a scramble.

Barrett Gouger - OL - Los Angeles Chargers

Gouger only just joined the Chargers, having been at Jets mini-camp on a try-out basis. He did not receive any reps in their first preseason game but will hope to play in Sunday night's game against the Saints.

Keevan Lucas - WR - Philadelphia

Lucas just signed with the Eagles, re-uniting him with Evans who was his teammate at Tulsa and also attended the Jets' mini-camp with him on a try-out basis in May. Lucas did not see any playing time last night.

Darius Victor - RB - New Orleans

Finally, Victor - another Jets mini-camp invitee - will face the Chargers on Sunday night, hoping to build on his first game, which saw him gain 21 yards on six touches.

Of course there are still several recent departures who aren't currently with a team, such as Nick Mangold and Darrelle Revis. We'll add these to the list if they get a deal.