Three on O: Tomlinson, Conklin, Wilson

After each game, we'll be highlighting three defensive and three offensive players and looking in detail at their performance. We'll wrap up today with the offense:

Laken Tumbling-son

Laken Tomlinson will head to the third year of his contract next year with an interesting decision facing the Jets. Tomlinson, a 2021 pro bowler, has struggled even more this year than he did last year. However, he's basically their only offensive lineman that has managed to stay healthy.

Since the start of last season, Tomlinson has played 2,073 snaps. Connor McGovern is the only lineman with a total anywhere near that as he's played 1,482 but will of course miss the rest of this year. Everyone else has played less than 900.

While Tomlinson's effectiveness in the running game has been about the same as last year, he's been much worse in pass protection. He's already given up 50 percent more total pressure than he did all of last year and has given up seven sacks and 10 quarterback hits when he only gave up one sack and four hits last season.

Tomlinson, who also has three penalties this year after only allowing one last year, was responsible for almost half of the pressure the Jets gave up on Sunday, including three of Washington's four quarterback hits, as he had his hands full with Jonathan Allen.

What's frustrating about Tomlinson is that he is still capable of looking really good at times. He did an excellent job combining with Mekhi Becton to create the lane for Breece Hall's long touchdown run and he threw John Ridgeway out of the club impressively on this rep.

The consistency just hasn't been there with Tomlinson, though. He struggles to anchor against bull rushes, is often late picking up stunts and blitzers and lets his man fall off his block too often in the running game.

The one thing you could say in defense of Tomlinson is that while his constant presence is something the linemen around him have been able to benefit from, he's never had the same benefit from the rest of the line. So, perhaps he would fare better with more stability around him. Then again, he's been lined up in between Joe Tippmann and Becton for several weeks now and doesn't seem to be improving.


Tyler Conklin continues to give the Jets consistent production as he's had six games this year with 50 or more receiving yards. He didn't reach that mark on Sunday, but did have four catches for 36 yards including first down catches of 13 and 10. He also had a useful eight-yard grab over the middle on the game-winning field goal drive.

For the season as a whole, Conklin has 54 receptions for 560 yards. He only needs eight more catches and 34 receiving yards in the last two games to surpass his career-high in each of those categories.

As a blocker, he's been less consistent. However, he does make some good blocks from time to time and did some great work on this Xavier Gipson run.

Conklin should be back next season and could thrive with Aaron Rodgers potentially being the one to throw him the ball. One clear sign of the Jets' disappointing red zone production this season is that Conklin doesn't have any touchdowns. In fact, CJ Uzomah is the only tight end who does.

Garrett Top

Garrett Wilson had an interesting game on Sunday, as he moved to within 42 yards of his second consecutive season. Wilson ended up with nine catches for 76 yards but he did nearly all of that damage in the second quarter. In the other three quarters combined, he was targeted eight times but only had three catches for 18 yards.

As ever, Wilson's route running and hands were impressive and this week he had a couple of impressive runs after the catch.

In addition to his nine catches, the Jets also got two first downs via penalty when targeting Wilson. One of these was a 32-yard pass interference flag.

Wilson did also get flagged twice for lining up offside though. This is clearly a point of emphasis around the league after the Kadarius Toney incident a few weeks ago and it's something Wilson got away with at least once last week. This is an issue Wilson must address because the Jets have been a team who don't get enough positive plays to overcome drives being stalled by good plays coming off the board.

That's the only complaint you can have about Wilson, though, as he continues to generate terrific production on a bad offense, often when covered by top defensive players and with at least a couple of spectacular plays in every game or so it seems.

If it's exciting to imagine what playing with Rodgers could do for Conklin, just think what it could do for a guy like Wilson.

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