Updating the Jets' current salary cap position

Let's once again attempt to bring the Jets' cap position up to date.

The NFLPA has released their latest set of official numbers which appear to be fully up to date. According to these numbers Jets have 95 players under contract and $25.2 million of cap space.

The Jets actually have 90 players that they have either signed or agreed to terms with. On top of this, the Jets have three players on the long-term PUP list who don't count against the roster limit but do have cap charges which are affecting the cap (Kyron Brown, Josh Bellamy and Quincy Enunwa) and two who are on the non-football injury list (Charles Tapper and Jalin Moore).

OverTheCap.com has the Jets' current cap space figure at $24.7 million. Again, this takes into account every deal with the 500K difference from the official figure likely due to random escalators or the timing of cap hits on incentives.

The two most recent contracts are the Joe Flacco signing and the Bryce Hall rookie deal. Flacco's deal is actually slightly different from what was reported. Rather than being a straight $1.5 million deal with another $3 million in potential incentives, $450K of the base salary is in per-game roster bonuses. As he only played eight games last year, that reduces Flacco's 2020 cap hit by $225K to just under $1.3 million.

The Jets will have an additional cap adjustment to make in 2021 for anyone with per-game roster bonuses who ends up playing in more or fewer games than they did last season. They'll also need to adjust for any NLTBE (not likely to be earned) incentives that do get earned, such as any of the $3 million potential incentives Flacco might earn or the similar incentives in Breshad Perriman's contract.

Hall's rookie deal doesn't really change the team's cap position. Essentially, none of the rookie deals apart from the Mekhi Becton and Denzel Mims contracts will have a significant effect. The Jets only need just over $4 million of net 2020 cap space to complete those deals, so that leaves them with approximately $21 million of spendable cap space, subject to any buffer the team may opt to retain.

Finally, at last, James Burgess does now appear on the Jets' roster on the team's official website.