What did Todd Bowles say after Saturday's practice?

Here were some of the more interesting comments from Todd Bowles following Saturday's practice:

  • A recurring theme was that he doesn't read too much into what happens in t-shirt and shorts and also that everyone needs to keep working to get better.
  • There is no timetable for picking a starting quarterback, as he expects that to work itself out.
  • There is an open competition at both tackle spots.
  • Collette Smith is an outstanding coach, who fits with the rest of their staff and the fact she is a woman was a non-factor in her hiring.
  • He gave a non-answer to a question about whether the recent CTE study concerns him.
  • He praised Morris Claiborne's speed but says he needs to keep working to get better.
  • He said it's possible Josh Martin could get a bigger role, but he also needs to keep working.
  • In response to a question about motivation he said the words "We're trying to win a Super Bowl no matter what."
  • It will be hard for Leonard Williams to get much better because he's already so good, but hand placement is one area he can continue to work on.
  • When asked about David Harris being in New England he said that David is a good person and he's happy for him.

We'll let you know if anyone else says anything interesting.