Where does the Jets' roster stand ahead of the first cut deadline?

NFL teams entered camp with 90 players but the NFL has opted to have them cut down to 80 by August 16th. Since that time, most teams have reduced their active roster down to 80 as a point of convenience, because the NFL forces them to operate split-squad protocols when they are above that number.

Anyone on temporary Covid-19 reserve doesn't count towards the 80-man limit, although they do count towards the overall 90-man limit. Therefore, teams may be forced to make further cuts as players come off that list and are reinstated.

Let's look at the moves the Jets have made since camp began:

Opt-outs (3)

LB CJ Mosley, OL Leo Koloamatangi and WR Josh Doctson have all opted out. This is not revocable and simply pushes their contract back a year so their 2020 cap number is pushed into 2021 instead.

Releases (5)

OL Brian Winters, DL Domenique Davis, RB Trenton Cannon, OLB Wyatt Ray and OL Ben Braden have all been released since camp began.

On temporary reserve (4)

The Jets currently have four players on the temporary Covid-19 reserve list: LB James Burgess, LB Ahmad Gooden, DB Shyheim Carter and DB Bryce Hall. Once they are cleared, each of these players will be added back to the active roster.

As things stand, the Jets can reinstate two of these players without making a cut but then must make a roster move to reinstate the third and fourth.

Miscellaneous (No effect)

The Bradley McDougald trade actually happened before camp anyway, but didn't affect the number of people on the roster as Jamal Adams departed and McDougald took his spot.

Although TE Quincy Enunwa was released, this didn't affect the roster because he was already on season ending reserve and as such didn't count towards the roster limit. WR Josh Bellamy and CB Kyron Brown are also on season-ending reserve and therefore not counted.

The players on active/PUP and active/NFI (QB Joe Flacco, LB Avery Williamson, TE Ryan Griffin and TE Dan Brown) all count towards both the 90-man and 80-man limits anyway and can be activated at any time (but then not de-activated again).