Will any Jets players achieve these statistical milestones after the bye?

We're just five games into the season and the Jets have already lost four out of five. While some players have had good individual performances, there are plenty of single-game and seasonal milestones that these players will be striving for. Let's assess the likelihood of any of these milestones being met.

100-yard rushing game

So far, no Jet running back has rushed for 60 yards in a game, let alone 100.

Of the backs currently on the roster, rookie Ace Carter is perhaps the most likely to achieve this milestone, as he's led the Jets in rushing yards in four of their five games. Then again, he's yet to carry the ball more than 13 times and his longest run of the year is only 14 yards.

Tevin Coleman has had four 100-yard games in his career, with the last coming in 2019. However, Ty Johnson was the most recent current Jet to have a 100-yard game. He managed it last December.

The chances of this happening may increase dramatically once Mekhi Becton returns to the lineup.

300-yards passing

This should hopefully happen soon. Zach Wilson has already posted 297 yards in the Titans game, although he's only been over 250 one other time.

With a full compliment of receivers at his disposal and the promise of faster starts and youngsters Denzel Mims and Elijah Moore stepping up more after the bye, Wilson will hopefully manage to start to string together some more good performances like the Titans game.

For reference, Sam Darnold had two 300-yard games as a rookie despite missing three games. He had his first one in week two though.

Once Wilson breaks the 300-yard barrier, the next challenge is whether he'll ever have a 400-yard game. Vinny Testaverde was the last Jet to achieve this back in 2000.

Thousand-yard season rushing or receiving

Even if Becton comes back and helps the running game, it seems unlikely the Jets will get anyone close to a thousand yards this year, especially if they continue to have a committee-based approach. Carter currently leads the Jets with just 165 yards.

Corey Davis has a shot at a thousand-yard season though. He has led the Jets in receiving yards in four of the five games and posted one 100-yard game.

Davis has 302 yards through five games, which means that he is currently on course to post over a thousand yards if he plays all 17 games and produces at the same rate. However, he would have fallen short had it been a 16-game season.

If he stays healthy, Davis has a good chance of achieving this. Although Wilson may do a better job of involving some of the team's other pass catchers after the bye, hopefully this will correspond to an overall increase in his totals rather than just leading to a drop in Davis' production.

Double digits in sacks

The Jets haven't had anyone with double digits in sacks since Muhammad Wilkerson had 12 in 2015. However, a couple of Jets could challenge this in 2021.

The Jets are currently let by Quinnen Williams, with 3.5 sacks, and John Franklin-Myers with three. However, nobody posted any sacks last week as the Falcons were focused on getting rid of the ball quickly and other teams may also adopt this blueprint.

Bryce Huff, who currently has just two sacks, is another who could theoretically ramp up his sack numbers after the bye. Robert Saleh has a decent record of getting statistical production from unexpected sources on the edge. For example, Kerry Hyder had a career high 8.5 sacks last year.

Any interception

As you may have heard, the Jets have gone a franchise record seven games without intercepting a pass. Bryce Hall was the last Jet to intercept a pass in the week 15 win over the Rams last season.

Other than Hall, the only current Jet to intercept a pass for the team last season was Marcus Maye, who had two.

This ties in with the previous category, because if teams do take the approach of getting rid of the ball quickly, this could set up more opportunities to intercept passes. In fact, they have already come close with Hall alone getting his hands of five balls in the past two games. Let's hope they break the seal soon.