After Further Review: Jets-Chargers Officiating

By popular demand, we're again going to have a post after each game that breaks down some of the controversial decisions from the officiating crew in the game.

Penalty Count

Chargers 4-39 (leading to two Jets first downs)
Jets 8-40 (leading to three Chargers first downs)

Note: This does not include penalties that are declined or off-set.

Plays where the call was obvious, uncontroversial or not visible on broadcast footage

Jets Penalties

  • Jordan Whitehead facemask penalty on Austin Ekeler's run down to the pylon. This was pretty clear even though he did let go after a beat or two. The half-the-distance penalty was less than a yard anyway.
  • Jermaine Johnson illegal use of hands. Very clearly shoved Rashawn Slater's head back with a handful of facemask.
  • Holding on Allen Lazard. This was an obvious call, as Lazard didn't let go of Asante Samuel's inside arm when Breece Hall's run was bounced outside.
  • Jeremy Ruckert false start. Obvious flinch right before the snap.
  • Garrett Wilson illegal block in the back. Very clearly shoved Samuel in the back to spring Hall for a 20-yard gain that otherwise would have probably been stopped for no gain.
  • Illegal use of hands on Billy Turner. Seemed to have his hand up in Khalil Mack's facemask on the play where Zach Wilson's fumble was returned to the goal line. Obviously this was declined.

Chargers Penalties

  • Trey Pipkins false start. Flinched before the snap.
  • Joey Bosa offside. Flinched and fell forwards with his hands in the neutral zone at the snap. A free play where the Jets got the first down anyway and therefore declined the penalty.
  • Derwin James defensive pass interference. Initially this looked soft, but one of the replay angles showed very clearly that James had a handful of jersey with the ball in the air and made no effort to let go as he contested the pass on third down.

Penalties warranting further discussion or explanation

Jets Penalties

  • DJ Reed offside. This was a weird play as the Jets substituted late and the Chargers rushed to the line. At least one Jet was the wrong side of the line of scrimmage before the ball was snapped but the play was blown dead. This seemed to punish the Chargers, who scored on the play, but apparently it had to be blown dead because Reed made contact with a linemen before the snap. Perhaps that should have been more than just an offside penalty but the ball was at the goal line so it's a moot point. They scored anyway on the next snap.
  • Lazard illegal shift. He was just settling into his position as the ball was snapped, so not fully set for one second. With the Jets playing up-tempo, this can happen and perhaps Wilson called for the snap too early. Lazard perhaps didn't hustle into position fast enough though.
  • Illegal formation on Lazard. This was initially called on Jeremy Ruckert, then corrected to Lazard by the official, although the official gamebook doesn't credit it to anyone. Lazard and Ruckert were both on the line of scrimmage so it could have been either's fault or even Wilson's for starting the play before everyone is correctly aligned, although this is usually on the receiver.

Chargers Penalties

  • Bosa roughing the passer. Finally, the streak ends at 27 games and 23 months and the Jets got the benefit of a roughing call. Bosa's two handed forceful shove on Wilson was two steps after the ball was gone and Bosa easily could have avoided doing this, so the call was a no-brainer and of course the Jets turned it over on the next play.
  • Deane Leonard illegal contact. This was completely unnecessary and probably surprising that they called it so late in the game. Leonard passed off Garrett Wilson to the deep safety by giving him a little shove as he ran past at 6-7 yards past the line of scrimmage.

Notable no-calls etc

Here were some of the other notable missed calls, replay situations and controversial moments:

  • John Franklin-Myers was perhaps lucky to not be called for roughing when he slammed Herbert into the turf on a sack. The key here, though, was perhaps that Herbert's head did not slam into the turf.
  • There was multiple potential missed calls including an obvious hold on Slater reaching across as Bryce Huff rushed inside, early contact from Ja-Sir Taylor on a breakup of a pass to Lazard and at least one facemask penalty.
  • Perhaps the most obvious missed call was on the first possession when Alohi Gilman wasn't called for a helmet to helmet hit on Allen Lazard on third down. This was well-timed, but definitely a defenseless receiver, high contact and there was incidental helmet contact which usually means the play will be flagged against any other team.
  • It was clear Ekeler was down at the one-yard line when initially ruled to have scored, but the booth buzzed down and corrected this.
  • Similarly, Gilman looked to have got in at the pylon on his fumble return but his foot was out of bounds at the one.
  • The Jets avoided a delay of game penalty by calling a timeout just in time.

Let us know what we missed - or misinterpreted - in the comments...