After Further Review: Jets-Patriots Officiating

By popular demand, we're again going to have a post after each game that breaks down some of the controversial decisions from the officiating crew in the game.

Penalty Count

Patriots 6-95 (leading to two Jets first downs)
Jets 5-29 (leading to three Patriots first downs)

Plays where the call was obvious, uncontroversial or not visible on broadcast footage

Jets Penalties

  • Sheldon Rankins encroachment. Both he and Shaq Lawson bit on the hard count and were in the neutral zone. Rankins knocked the center on his back.
  • Jamien Sherwood pass interference at the goal line. Clearly reached across Jacobi Meyers and pulled him back from making a play on the ball with a hand on Meyers' stomach.
  • Ryan Griffin false start to negate touchdown run. A very, very slight flinch just before the ball was snapped that it's kinda surprising the official even noticed.

Patriots Penalties

  • Holding on Adrian Phillips on an interception return. Grabbed Keelan Cole basically in a bear-hug.
  • Isaiah Wynn holding on Bryce Huff. Seemed like a clear call as Huff won the leverage advantage to get around him on an outside pass rush and Wynn grabbed him from behind.
  • Brandon King personal foul after a punt. This happened off-screen.
  • False start on Ted Karras. Left guard flinched just before the snap.

Penalties warranting further discussion or explanation

Jets Penalties

  • Defensive holding on Quinnen Williams on the first snap of the game; a running play. We discussed this in detail in our Saucy Nuggets earlier today.
  • Alijah Vera-Tucker holding penalty. This was also discussed in the Saucy Nuggets article. Chuma Edoga had just entered the game at left tackle so the Patriots ran a stunt to that side and Matt Judon got a clean run at Mike White. Vera-Tucker grabbed him briefly but then let go, but this did seem to impede his progress so it was a fair call.
  • Javelin Guidry pass interference downfield on N'Keal Harry. Didn't ultimately matter because Harry caught the ball anyway but Guidry did make contact that impeded Harry's ability to jump for the ball.

Patriots Penalties

  • Shaq Mason holding on Quinnen Williams. There seemed to be a hold and takedown here as Williams got upfield on Mason in pass protection.
  • Kyle Dugger pass interference on Cole. This was a 46-yard penalty, the third 40+ yard pass interference penalty on a Zach Wilson throw this season. There was a small amount of contact on Cole, which was enough to take him down as Dugger didn't get his head turned. At the same time, it was kind of a bail-out because the pass was almost intercepted and it didn't look like Cole would have been able to make a play on it. On another day, that could have been a controversial no-call, but it was the right decision.
  • Jalen Mills pass interference on Cole. There was a slight grab on Cole as he ran the out-and-up and then a bit of debate over whether the hold was while the ball was in the air or not. It was only a nine-yard penalty anyway, so that hardly made any difference. Cole only caught one pass for six yards but did draw three penalties for another 65.

Notable no-calls

Here were some of the notable missed calls, controversial moments or review situations.

  • As noted in our Saucy Nuggets article earlier, the Patriots defensive lineman got away with a hold that prevented Connor McGovern from making a second level block on the Jets' second play.
  • Elijah Moore caught a short pass and broke a tackle for a nice first down. 15 should've been tacked on for a blatant face mask.
  • The officials picked up their flag after initially calling an illegal formation penalty on the Patriots. On the play, New England had an offensive lineman at tight end, lined up off the line. Presumably the official saw this and thought he was too far off the line, but then realized he was supposed to be off the line, as long as he reported as eligible.
  • The Jets sideline was irate at the no-call on the low hit on Wilson by the sideline, but Robert Saleh said after the game he had no issue with it because he was outside the pocket. Once again, legal but dirty. That may have contributed to the injury he suffered immediately after (although Wilson says it did not). That came on a play where some might feel the pass rusher landed with his weight on the quarterback and this is again something that often gets called when it's been a Jets player.
  • It initially looked like the officials were going to disallow Corey Davis' touchdown for offensive pass interference but replays showed there was no push-off and the no-call was therefore correct.
  • The Patriots wanted pass interference on Bryce Hall's physical pass break-up in the second half. However, the pass was closer to Hall than the receiver so it didn't look like Hall did anything more than take up the space he was entitled to.
  • Sheldon Rankins was cut to the floor on a running play while still engaged with a blocker. This would ordinarily be an illegal chop block. However, replays showed he was only engaged by virtue of him having his hands on the lineman who had disengaged, so this was legal, if a little dirty.
  • It looked like Dugger used the turf to help him make the catch on his low interception. Maybe this was seen as not indisputable so they stuck with the call on the field.
  • There was a possible late hit on White, although this was in part because one defender hit him first and he rebounded into the other one. Again though, this would have been called on the Jets last year.

Let us know what we missed - or misinterpreted - in the comments...