Injury News: Sherwood out for the season with torn Achilles

The Jets have lost another player to injury:

This is terrible news for Sherwood's long-term development. It's obvious he was out of his depth in the Mike role but he had made some positive contributions as a rotational linebacker and on special teams. While he was at least a year away from starting, that timetable might now be extended because this injury is sure to disrupt his 2022 offseason dramatically too.

Also, the nature of the injury is a concern because players don't always rediscover their explosiveness coming off such an injury.

In the short-term it probably won't hurt the Jets that much because they can likely get equivalent play out of a Del'Shawn Phillips or Noah Dawkins type. However, with Hamsah Nasirildeen, Blake Cashman, Quincy Williams, Jarrad Davis and CJ Mosley ALL injured, the Jets desperately need to get back some of these players soon.